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Compatible Marriage

The primary purpose of marriage is two fold: Progeny. Progression (Anushruti, Vol.1:33). Good progeny is possible through the principles of

Business Practices

Trade and commerce is an integral part of a nation’s economy. There a maxim that commerce begets wealth; agriculture does

Entry to Place of Worship

Places of worship are considered to be the most sacred place for a society. But over time, some sections of

Religious Conversion

If ‘the stay of all existence is Dharma’, then can there be bloodshed in the name of Dharma? Different religious

Cottage Industry

People are the treasure of the country, and agriculture and industry are the normal mints. Sree Sree Thakur Anukul Chandra.

Right to Land

Partition of India saw lakhs of people fleeing with family leaving behind their ancestral homestead. Militant activity in Jammu and

Secularism Redefined

written by Dr. D. C. Patra India today is at a promising point of crossroad, in more sense than one.

Satsang Congregations

Written by Dr. Buddhadev Chakraborty Satsang congregations, or what is more commonly known as satsang sittings (‘satsang adhibesan’ or only

The True Face of Islam

The title of this article may evoke some surprise in some minds. Some others, especially those who subscribe to conventional

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